I thought he had moved on and was happy?

spoke to my ex for the first time in ages the first conversation ended in an argument and the second one end with him telling me "how i don't need to change I'm perfectly fine the way i am" (because since our break up i have been working out and lost heaps of weight and parting more) he then went on to tell me how horrible his life is and people think he's a piece of shit and how the gf is crazy and won't let him do anything, in which my response was "you choose her not me" he then called me by the pet names we had during our relationship and comments on things about me that he liked...

why does he say these things... isn't he suppose to have moved on... why does he tell me how shit his life is when i talk to him..
i just don't understand what he wants...


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  • Uh duh! He likes you. Jeez, it is obvious.


    • thats what i thought but i didn't want to seem as though i was reading too far into it... can i do anything to make him want me even more or prove he wants me? (if that makes sense)

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