Is it over between us? ;(?

I saw my boyfriend tonight (12 Midnight) and everything was going great. We were in the mood and everything. I didn't know how to ride him therefore I didn't. Then he told me. I was turning him off and I should get off.
Next thing I know he asks me. if I've had sex 3 times a day and I said yeah with the last guy I was with but that was a one time thing and me and him weren't together @the time. Then he started saying how I'm basically a hoe & he told me. to get out of his car. I couldn't get out because my shorts weren't on and neither were my shoes. He kept trying to rush me to get out of his car and I told him I couldn't because I needed to put my shorts on then he said "I don't care! Put your shorts on outside!" so I slid my shorts on and I needed to get my shoes which were on his side of the door and I asked him if he could get out the other way because there's a different door he could use and he wanted to use the side I was on because it was closer to his seat. So I asked him to pass me my shoe and he pushes the door open and tosses my shoes out of his car into the street and says "There, get them." then I got out , , grabbed my shoes, and he drove off fast.
Yesterday was our 2 month and he dumped me last time on our one month :( I dont want to read any of my messages so I snoozed it for 2 days.

Should I just assume its over? I deleted his number and everything :( I'm just so upset. . . We haven't talked since last night.


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  • Is it over?

    Are you dumping him?

    If not why not?

    Read what you wrote to us... WHY would you want a guy who tells you you turn him off, calls you a hoe for having had healthy sexual life, pushes you and kicks you out if his car without your clothes... C "mon really?

    Why are you with this guy he's not even human- wtf is his problem.

    Also if he already dumped you you should not go back to him. People don't dump people for fun when they care.

    If he's dumping you in anniversaries he's playing games and even if he's not he's a complete ass.

    Dump him please.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Any Guy That Kicks His Girl Out The Car Doesn't Deserve Your Time. Cut All Contact & Ignore Anything He Sends To You, Seriously, Ignore Him & Dont Feed To Any Of His Apologies Cause It's All Lies...

  • Yes it's over. He may try getting back together or apologizing or whatever but DON'T take any more of his shit. Ignore him and move on. The guy sounds like he has issues and anyone who treats a lady like that is neither mature nor deserving to be called a man.


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  • Don't go back to him. No guy treats a girl like that. You're not a hoe and he shouldn't be calling you one. You deserve so much better


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