Someone please help me understand my exes behavior?

So about 6 weeks ago my ex broke up with me out of the blue telling me she needed space. We always had a great relationship and were friends as we'll as bf and gf. So after she cut off all contact with me and I didn't speak to her until 3 days ago when I saw her at school

The week before she broke up with me she was telling me how lucky she was to have me and said one day she could see herself marrying me. I don't know if she was blowing smoke out of her ass but it sounded genuine. That same day I also went as far as buying her our "2year gift" and giving her the purse. Our 2 year wasn't until September...

Now that were back at school I have been acting indifferent because I want her to chase me. My philosophy is everyone wants what they can't have. Now that I'm acting like this her behavior has been strange. For example in class the other day there were 5-6 open seats and she chose the one that was close to me and facing me. Then again I saw her that day at the gym and she was using the machines closer to me when the same ones were open farther away. Then the next day she's walking around with the purse that I got for her for our 2 year.

My guess is she's looking for a reaction and me not giving one to her is bothering her. My ultimate goal is to get her back but I want her to know in not a push over anymore and that she treated me wrong.

Any opinions?
Am I handling this right? Any other suggestions?
Does indifference/ wanting what you can't have work?

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Do you think she will come around and want to get back from what I said?
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I don't want to do this but now do I go out and flirt/hookup with other girls or will that push her away.
I forgot to add that i found out she started talking to a guy 3 weeks after we broke up. I don't think anything serious and it's a rebound thing. Do u still think there's a possibility


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  • Yes indifference helps as long as it really seems like she can't have you ( say hi/smile) and not like you are mad at her... it is easy for us girls to see the difference between an asshole ex that u can't get back and don't want back, an ex that's mad at us (we may use the machine close to you in purpuse to see your reaction, and if we think you're mad we like it. Because we can have you back) and the nice ex who we can't have back but we really want back.

    • Is making conversation too much? What is the line

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    • I just got out if class with her and she tried talking to me asking me if I wanted notes for the class. All I did was smile, say thank you and walked away. Do u think that was right?

    • Ohhh yeahh.. she probably wondered the whole day why not? And yout likely in her mind :)

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  • "We pursue that which retreats us." - It's as simple as that.


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  • Okay I think she will want to get back with you but you need to do 2 things when she looks at you smile and if she walks by you say hi

    • If you do this then your the living bf she dumped made a huge mistake on and wants back big time however if u don't look at her and smile at her your the asshole that didn't really care about her even if you were really sweet to her when you were goin out. Trust me these 2 little things will be the difference between. You being the thing she wants most and the asshole she bitches to her friends about but so far your on the right track :):)

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