I have been broken up with my ex for a month now, if I send him a final email saying how I feel would that be bad?

I need to let it out, its been killing me, I want to tell him how much I love him, but that I have decided to move on, I feel better AND stupid for doing so, but I can't help it, I love this guy, I know I may seem pathetic to him, but this is the first time I reach out to him after our breakup,,, did I commit a mistake?


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  • This would like a kick to the balls, don`t open fresh wounds.
    A month is quite a long time before you explain things, if you did it at the beginning you might have stayed friends.


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  • I also broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago and I get your desire to talk to him, i'm on the same position. It depends on why you two broke up and how your relationship with him was before you two were together. I agree with the comment bellow on the fact that it would open up old wounds. However, you could still send him a friendly email, thanking him for everything. Don't say that you still love him though, because there's no point in that since you two broke up. If you decide to talk to him, keep it as friendly as possible. Don't declare your feelings or flirt with him. He'll notice that you care.


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