Should I be mad or embarassed?

I am feeling all kinds of emotions right now. A guy that I've known since HS reconnected a while back and have been talking and we've been on 2 wonderful dates. We are mid 30s. Anyway, he told me today that he's no longer feeling it for me. Why? He somehow found a series of YouTube videos that I uploaded last year and he said he wAs turned off by my fowl language in the videos and the "immaturity" level that I displayed. I completely forgot about those videos abd besides, I have nooo idea how the creeper found them, my real name is not affiliated with those uploads! Creeper!! There is no denying that its me tho, so I accepted things. Grrr!!! I logged on tonight to YT for the first time in months and sure enough, he made comments on some of the videos such as "immature" or "obnoxious" and once he wrote " you need to clean your apartment, yuck"

Jerk!!! Im thinking about telling him off. What should Si do or say?
Ok, so he just sent me a text explaining tbat his older sister, his mom and one of his nieces all struggle with their weight, and by making jokes about the heavy people eating outside my apt, It was as if I was making fun of his family too.


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  • It was you that uploaded the vids, so you are to blame. The stuff you put on the internet is for everyone to see. There is no point for you to be mad or off.
    Woman logic lol

    • I am more upset by his comments after the vids, esp the " clean ur apt, yuck!!" He's not my mother or father, im not a child! It seems bully like.

    • Maybe he was joking?

    • Idk, guess I deserved it. The vids were of me and a friend sitting on my balcony and making comments about people who wete eating outside my apt in the beer garden, mainly fat jokes.

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  • Hahahaha! What an immature creep. I feel like you should make a YouTube video ranting about him, but that might be too much.
    I'm sorry but I'd never date a guy who thinks swearing is a turn off. (Or maybe I'm just too young for this shit).

    • Yea... the only 'vulgar" thing that I recall was when this lady was stuffing her face, I told my friend to look at the lady who has enough pizza to feed a f'ing horse

    • I don't see why he should break up with you over something this stupid, honestly...

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  • Even though you uploaded the video, it's kind of weird that he would search to find them - but I guess everything is out there on the internet these days. But for better of for worse, it's not good to tell him off. If he was being a creep, why re-connect? And why burn bridges when you don't have to? Just move on, consider deleting the videos if they're that bad. But it was inappropriate to comment on them all the same - but then again - YouTube comments are notorious for their content of bullshit


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