Why should I do next?

Well my ex and I break up few years now so we are friends now ( not really ) anyway so in class he won't talking to me he always talking to our friends instead of me and I ask him why he always says the teacher won't let us talk (lying not true the teacher let us talk ) and also sometime I text him he saw the message won't reply I know he is busy and stuff but he is kind of ignore at me I know he is a jerk guy and also he already ask out half of my friends ( I don't know why ) but now I don't know what to do I don't want our friendship got pull apart like one of my friends we pull apart now we not even talking anymore that's why I try to told him but he seem like he don't understand me and also he never pay me back my money :( he always he Says he will but he never ( I will ask him back ) so I don't know what to do next I know that he is moving on and I should do the same thing but I can't understand why he is doing this to me :( that is all I want to know? Like do I did something wrong to him?( which I never did anything wrong to him ) so please answer me back I really need help please
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  • he is ignoring you and just give him his space and nothing more need to be done..


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