Why do guys/girls say they'll kill themselves because they?

Why do guys/girls say they are going to commit suicide because they girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with them? Why do some people try and use that same line like it will work?


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  • Some people might be depressed and breaking up gives more emotional baggage which could be the final straw for them to crack.

    But the little 10 year old scene kids are probably just trying to be edgy.

    It's better to alert a medical professional if they do have suicidal thoughts regardless if they are just trying to get their ex back.

    Can't ever be too careful.

    • Thanks for telling me

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  • It is a control tactic and it is very dangerous. It is important not to give in to those kinds of statements, but to tell them to get some help.

  • They were probably in love, and don't know how to handle heartbreak, so much as to commit


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