He ended it, so how am I the bad one?

I'll make this as short as possible. We were together 3 years, living together for most of it and engaged. We'd planned to move overseas after the wedding. We had an argument, he was drunk and he broke up with me. I did it all - crying, begging, pleading and then realised I was being pathetic and only contacted him regarding his things in the house and the dogs. He moved overseas and I haven't spoken to him in a month and half.

I recently needed to contact him regarding insurance things and he didn't answer. Through all this I hear he's been badmouthing me calling me a b**** and saying I made him fork out cash for my 'emotional trauma' - all BS. Fair enough I went a little crazy after the break up, but I was never mean. Even during the relationship I supported him whilst he started his business, had family problems and was a considerate partner.

The question... why does he feel the need to bad mouth me and spread lies when he was the one who dumped me? Thankfully my friends and family know me well enough not to believe any of it, but I just don't understand the point?


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  • Possibly you need to understand how the ego works. An ego will attack your weak points just so it feels superior to you. Truth has little meaning when dealing with an ego. He needs to justify the image he has of himself in his mind and image to others to save face. He has the ego of a child spoiled child.

  • There is always two sides to a story but by reading what you have told me he seems to be a Nut Job. I am sorry you had to go through this.


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