Why didn't see post pics of us?

She posted with her ex. and never posted pics of us on IG We broke up and she does it with her current boyfriend. I'm happy I'm done with her she got in a new relashionship within a week after we broke up


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  • I believe that she most likely wanted to do things 'Differently' this time, and by 'posting pix' pf her and her newbie, she thought she could win brownie points with him to, showing him a side-----You either missed or never got to see.
    If it was a bad relationship, a bad break up, Consider her History and forget her. And with a newbie in town, maybe she gave you a raw deal, by starting to know him during your troubles.
    It's good to have learned a few things from past relationships. I am quite sure that with this Ex, that X Marks the spot and you were taught plenty from this experience.
    Good luck. xx

  • Because you were the side piece probably. Side pieces don't get posted on the gram.


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