Do you believe that a person does not know what they have until they are gone or that they just never thought they would lose it?

I have had 2 ex boyfriends say that I was the best they ever had and they did not realize it until I was gone. My most recent ex I believe this from him, but the other I think he knew I was too good to him he had me where he wanted or so he thought and never would believe that I would get tired of being hurt and never come back but he was in for a shock of his life. Sometimes people get comfortable they stop doing the things that they did to get a person and keep them that is how you will lose your man or woman. When a person gives you a second chance it's because they don't want to lose what they have. Which one do you believe?
  • You don't know what you have until it's gone.
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  • You know what you have, but just don't think you will ever lose it.
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  • Both thoughts are exclusive, one states that an individual is concious the other is one is living in a land of lack of common sense. Both are similar in that they lack gratitude.

    If you want to find a man worth anything look at how he is grateful but the problem is that a grateful man is normally not alone, unless he wants to be alone.

    • "If you want to find a man worth anything look at how he is grateful but the problem is that a grateful man is normally not alone, unless he wants to be alone. " Interesting way to put it. I have learned that whoever appreciates what they and reciprocates is worth keeping even though I have not met that guy yet, I know what to look for and my tolerance level.

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  • Everyone deserves a second a chance but not the same mistakes. My ex lied to me, cheated on me, flirted with others, etc. I gave him chance after chance after chance and nothing was happening. He didn't really love me I finally realized he just loved the "benefits" of being with me. Like he wanted a relationship but he didn't want to put in the "work" he's mostly a player. I tried everything to keep it working but it was getting no where so I broke up with him the first week of school in August 2013 and then in January 2014 he came back to me and pretty much led me on and then left me March 2014. It depends on the mistake that they made, my ex cheated on me but I don't believe that is a mistake. Because if they do it once they will do it again. My ex pretty much treated me like I was his doormat, as in when he got home he'd rub his fit on the doormat which was me. I gave him so many chances and he gave me nothing in return. He made up so many excuses like its to hard, I have family and friends, I can't do it. Well if he can't do it then why did he beg for me to come back, you know? I can't stand players, I supported that boy and everything one day he is going to wake up and realize that I was the one that really loved him. I started questioning myself like why was I in a relationship with him and stuff like that. He didn't even treat me right he was a douche bag. I think its good that he and I aren't together anymore because I don't deserve him and he doesn't deserve me. He flirts with girls, asks girls for there number, etc. Its been 5 months since we haven't talked we go to the same school together but I don't talk to him whatsoever. I gave that boy so many chances but my first relationship taught me a lot I learned a lot from it. I'm done giving people chance after chance after chance if they aren't willing to put effort into the relationship.

    • I'm done too lol sometimes people genuinely deserve a second chance and others just can't seem to get it right but I wouldn't wait around for someone to change because in their mind you have already accepted them for who they really are.

    • Right now I'm a junior in high school and I'm not really looking for a relationship or love I'm just exploring and interacting with people and getting to know people. A relationship isn't really on my mind like that. Plus most high school guys are immature and don't know what they want in a young women and don't know what love or a relationship is. For now I'm just taking a break from falling in love. I've hit my head so many times for going back to my ex I felt so stupid he pretty much played with my feelings. He won't be getting anymore second chances from me. He drinks anyways and he drinks to much I can see it in his face he's changed a lot too. Which I don't want to be around if he wants to drink he can stay single. Its kind of said to see that he's changed but it is what it is. I wanted to help me honestly because I had a dream one night that he died from drinking and I couldn't take it. He won't be getting me back he treated me like a second choice.

  • i honestly believe that when you lose something thats when you understand what you had and you miss it and want it back.. we should all give people second chances cause we all make mistakes and its very sad to end up a friendship or relationship because of a stupid mistake.. BUT it depends on what mistake because on the other side we can't be stupid and let others use us.. do you get what i mean? hope i helped:)

    • I get it but in my experience I gave out more then a second cahnce, there was a 3rd, 4th, 5th... so many that I can't count to this one guy and shame on me for being a fool. The fact that I kept taking him back showed that he knew what he had and because I was being a doormat he walked all over me. I don't pass out chances like that any more thank God! I used to be really naive. I would much rather give someone else a first chance then to give someone more than 2.

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    • and when you lose someone you really understand what you lost but if he comes back to you all the time you never think that you can lose them and you feel like they are wrapped around your finger if y0u know what i mean:-)

    • Yeah that's what im saying :)

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