My boyfriend and I broke up and it's crushing me, plus he's going out all the time when he used to HATE going out. why is he doing this now?

my boyfriend and I were together for 3 years but we broke up because at the end of the day he really just didn't appreciate me at all. I felt like I put in more effort into the relationship that he did and I told him this and HE decided to end things. he got very upset and defensive and said "if you want to leave just leave then." he handled it very immaturely.

now he's going out drinking almost every single night. he never used to be like that. i could hardly get him to go out for 3 years. he hated it. he likes to stay in and be simple and low key. now i hear from everyone that he is going out all the time, even on work nights when he has to wake up at 630 AM. why is he doing this? this isn't the person i know. this isn't him.


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  • he's going out a lot now to cope with getting over you because its crushing him too.


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  • Same thing happened with my ex. i was with him for 3 years and he never went out. never drank. and now he does all the time. i think its just to get his mind off stuff. to go out and have a life rather than being bored at home... especially cuz he doesn't have you to keep him company on nights in the house anymore.

    • how long have you guys been broken up? is he still going out a lot?

    • we broke up 6 months ago. I think he stopped going out to clubs now, but he still goes out to get drunk at bars and pubs. spending his money on useless shit. I honestly think he just bored cuz he doesn't have someone to hang out with all the time anymore.

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  • it's called drowning out your ex.


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