Can you fight your feelings my ex told me after 8 weeks his feelings haven't changed for me he still feels the same way?

Can you fight your feelings and Bury your head in the sand or will your feelings take over as he's not dealing with our break up at all he won't even talk about it but get s jealous if anyone shows a bit of interest in me n yet he tells me he still has strong feelings for me and is afraid things won't change if we got bk together


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  • Feelings don't just go away. Sometimes they can cause physical pain for 5 years or more, like a gut-wrenching feeling that keeps your stomach muscles toned. Feelings could cause loss of sleep for even longer.

    I still don't get your question. What are you actually asking, and what is expected to change?


What Girls Said 1

  • You guys broke up 8 weeks ago, right?
    Who broke up with who? How did it end?
    Are you still caring about him, do you want him back as well?

    • He dumped me yes I do still care and would love him bk

    • It sounds like he does still care but just doesn't want to give it another go, at least not yet.
      He needs more time, just can't help feeling the way he does about you anyway.

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