Girls, why would she do that?

Well, my ex of 1 year and 3 months left me almost 2 months ago because something I did because I was extra stressed by my hyperthyroidism, (now cured), begged first 3 days but after finding about my disease four days later (yea, good timing right?) I accepted the break up right away, she was right.

Last time we saw each other one month ago, we parted in really good terms, we hugged dozens of times because she was hurt, during an hour an a half. I thought she was going to go back eventually. Even when she said we were never going back together and thanked me for staying in no contact.

Last thing I know of her is that she deleted all of her posts on my FB wall after one month broken up, and that was 15 minutes after a female friend posted something on my wall. (Please give me insight in this as well)

Thing is I bumped into her today. She looked at me very angry and when we were very close she looked away and tried to ignore me, I told her Hi, (name). And she said "oh, hi" She gained a lot of weight (I love her still, I don't mind about that), she looked real sad.

Why would she do that? Last time we saw was we parted in really good terms. Thank you!


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  • Up to the part about 'Facebook' farce here, everything seemed good with the 'Dozens' of hugs, parting wasn't such a sweet sorrow, although maybe sad... Still 'In really good terms.'
    However, with This now, it conjured up anger, putting you on her pay no mind list when you were face to face, and getting a good look at her, she was probably 'heavy' from all of the stress, On top of her being Laden with tears now.
    Facebook has caused a lot of problems in people's lives. Many couples have either split up because of it, gotten a divorce, made enemies and even Committed Suicide. And it's not just what We do on there, it's Also What They conjure up themselves. I have a husband out in Egypt who HATES Fb now, and has DELETED his account with me altogether. He blames Them for a lot of past problems that we have encountered.
    Being your 'friend' had posted' something on 'Your wall,' this stirred up a hornet's nest with your Ex. She couldn't accept this, and it got her panties in a twist, and this is her reaction After the fact.
    Of course you have a right to have Anyone you want to on there, you've broken up. But now you're in the doghouse with her for This one, along with what 'happened' Before your break up, so it's a no win situation.
    If you care about her, contact her and have another nice talk about 'Other things.' This will at least give you a chance to stay civil, be friends, and being you both had been together for so long, I think she deserves at least this.
    This little pup still really cares, no matter what she tells you of-------Never going back together.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Over Time Some People Feelings Change, Just Ignore It & Move On...


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  • No you THINK parted on good terms !!! She was devastated. I don't think that in the parting a month after you guys honestly got everything out. Reach out to her and tell her you miss her

  • Well as for the Facebook thing, it might've been jealously? Or just a method of trying to move on (If I can't get an ex out of my head I delete all his texts, esp if I regret breaking it off). But it's possible that there was something else going on to make her appear stressed and sad in front of you. If you two are on good terms, you might want to consider asking her about how things are on her end and re-open the conversation without having any expectations.


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