Want her back.. Help?

Me and my girlfriend broke up 7 months ago. We still talk every day and hook up and say I love you. It's a relationship without the title. Im letting the fact that there is not title get to my head and it's starting to cause the same issues that made us break up in the first place. I just want to be official but we are starting to grow apart because I'm trying to force the relationship.

My question is how can I get her to be my actual girlfriend without pushing it on her?

Note: we broke up cuz I was a jealous insecure boyfriend.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Talk to her. It's that simple. Talk about a title. If she doesn't want to be your girlfriend just take it from there. Maybe she thinks you assume you're dating. It's also possible that she's afraid of a title because that puts too much pressure oh you guys


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, You can't Just Make Her Your Girlfriend If She doesn't Want It, If It You Want It To Be More Serious Then Tell Her Straight Up, If She Rejects You Then Stop All This No Title Crap & Move On...


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