How do you know you've had your heart broken or too many times? How do you let those feelings out?

So I've been in more than a few bad relationships. Had a lot of them end badly or just gotten rejected by a guy that I like. Normally I write out my feelings. How do I know I'm doing the right thing or responding te right way to a relationship ending? Someone help


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  • When you've had your heart broken too many times, you have no feelings. All those nerves and sensors that could cause you pain have been burned out from over-use, long ago. You're prepared to accept the worst from people, and it's no surprise when it happens. You know that you can't trust people further than you can throw them, no matter who they are or what you've done for them.

    At your age, I doubt you'd have enough experience to reach that stage.
    Play them as you see them, and don't waste much time going over the past. Learn what you can from it, if there's anything to learn.

    Thesedays, when things end, I just go out and get banged ASAP and don't look for reasons that aren't there. I'll listen to this, too, because it gets me back on track.


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  • I think a fair share of us can say we've been in bad relationships. I still do this day, go through relationships ending badly and I have no clue as to why I find these types of women. The only way you know what your doing is right, is when you are following what YOU believe is right. You have to trust yourself and as long as you can do that, your doing the right thing. Some people lash out and get dirty when a relationship ends and that's just ridiculous. It's best to be the bigger person and leave it in a civil and mature manner. I hope this helps.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, If You Wanna Release Feelings Then Tell Somebody, Talk To Somebody You Feel You Can Trust...

  • Well, you know you're doing the right thing when it feels like you're relieving pressure from yourself, or making yourself feel better. Anything which you think helps, will help.


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