My Ex boyfriend played me?

I recently started talking to my ex again. He told me he didn't have a girlfriend so we ended up having sex.(We were fucking for a month now) This week he began to act weird , and later I found out he does have a gf. He was using her car to pick me up/ visit me. He doesn't answer my text messages but He picks up my calls. I didn't think it would bother me with him having another girl. But it does it's like I fell for him all over again which is very dumb. I believe what messes me up the most is that he tells me he loves me , wants to marry me, and just yesterday said he wants to get a place with me. When I found out about his gf I slapped him in his face and went in my house. I know it's all game but do you think there is a reason why he's doing this or he's just an ass hole


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  • Well, you got played and why does it matter now? you said "I didn't think it would bother me with him having another girl". As i see it, you dont mind being the other girl.


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