Life seems so unfair this moment. My ex who left me for someone else look very happy and I am devastated here. Long term Long distance relationship?

Hi, we were an international couple for 4 years. Naturally long distance relationship. And I was always faithful to her for these years. My ex girlfriend liked my fidelity and she was faithful for years too I think.
But she cheated on me with two boys this year. Recently She left me for someone else after making `mistake` with him. She left me telling "sparks went away and I have no feelings for you".
Until I asked or gave her proof, she never told me truth about cheating or jumping into another relationship made by her mistake while we were still together. What makes me feel sadder is that she kept justifying herself and telling new things like "I have been preparing breakup since you were to me last time"
She is very jealous and anxious girl. Even after she left me, she felt jealous really much when I told there are girls in conferernce. She tells she will feel jealous when I have new girlfriend telling me she is used to have my love. And about the new guy she dates now, she told he loves her very much even if it was not even a month. Then one day she told she would leave him then I asked if they broke up some days later and she told they solved and she is more and more involved with him and he loves her very much. She told she has no feelings for me and she is happy with new bf in the last time we contacted. But she didn't want to lose me completely (I decided not to contact her yesterday)
Then I felt completely teased. She took me for granted obviously. But some part of me still wants her as I loved her so much and it makes me wonder "what if". I seem very faithful to her even after she broke my heart. I feel very unfair. She is happy after seeking our new boys, taking advantage of LDR and I completely trusted her.

1) What is my problem?

2) Cheating and infidelity can be justified like she told if the sparks go away?

3) Will she ever regret?


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  • Long distance relationships shouldn't last. I'm not saying the relationship it's self I'm saying the distance. All couples in LDR know exactly when they are going to see each other and exactly when this is going to end (being so far apart) from each other. It's not like you guys can go make up and call it a day.


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