What does no contact do if they have a new person?

I've done no contact before (on accident kinda) when he had a new gf and he ended up calling me after 3 weeks or so. But what does that do to the person? How does it make you come to their mind? Do you think no contact works?
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  • "But what does that do to the person?"
    Which person?

    No contact does work for me, helps me get over someone. Staying in contact with them makes it more difficult for me to get over that person. Until I'm over him, it's best I don't talk to him for a while. THEN a friendship is possible sometimes.

    • what does it do to him?

    • Why should it do anything? He has a new girlfriend, why is he still contacting you?

    • Thanks for MH!

      Here's hoping the bump will get you more responses :-)

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  • Well yeah it works for me, helps me get over the person. I also thinks it makes the guy wonder where you are

  • The point of it is that it gets you to move on


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