Please help! HELPPPPPP?

Okay so.. I've been talking to this guy for 2 months and we never met and we have everything in common and we loved each other and everything was perfect and he expressed all the time about how he didn't wanna lose me and what not. Well recently we finally met at college and everything was well, I'm shy but that's understandable until I'm completely comfortable and everything was perfect! Until two days ago... Let me say we had stayed together a few times no sex (possibly rushed it?).. But anyway I expressed some jealousy (well not really jealousy I just don't like her) of his ex girlfriend who is now one of his best friends.. And he badgered me to tell him what was wrong and I did and he was like I don't like this now you're going to start concocting untrue things in your head and yeah. Well we were walking and I felt like something was wrong and I asked and he said nothing but I know him and I know there was so I texted him and he took forever to reply and said he was having second thoughts and could we be friends and stuff... That's not okay.. I'm heartbroken. I don't understand... Like everything was fine and bam! Is he scared that I'll break his heart? Am I reading to far into it? His last gf cheated and part of me thinks he's scared I'll hurt him. His whole family knows about me and mine him. I just don't feel like you'd try so hard and then just leave... None of it makes sense to me. I was soooo unbelievably happy and now I'm like confused.


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  • Just give him time, but for no reason give up on him he's having trouble within self, it could be worth to apologize to him as a good gesture.


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  • Uhhh no you're not wrong. He overreacted. He'll be back !! You told him how you felt about the situation between his ex and he should respect your honesty. But yet you have to respect his opinion about it. You guys should've came to a common agreement. But yet you didn't mention him being your boyfriend so you really don't have a opinion who he should be friends with or not

    • Now he wants sex... Like?

    • Yea. He still has time to grow. His excuse is "I'm in college" !! Do t but it if you REALLY love home. If you don't? TEO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. ;)

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