How can I get this girl back if she is saying she lost interest?

I was with this girl 15 months it started off a cool dude with control and balance in relationship. I was a little bad when it came to emotions but I got them fixed when I went to navy. We didn’t talk for 5 months because I got injured and after three she dated a guy cheated and he dogged her etc. I forgave her because I was kinda mean and hard on her and she was really great. She couldn’t forgive herself so we argued about that than it was about me getting myself together (I had no job) than she stressed out about school and moving etc. while time I tried helping and listening but it was pointless because that’s what woman do lol. We had some conflicts because he single female friend always wanted to party and stuff. Long story short she left me two weeks ago said she lost interest see no future with me don’t love me hates me and don’t trust me anymore. She says she been loosing interest for months and just wants to be single and alone and selfish. by the way we both in early 20s. I reacted of course and I honestly had 2 beta moments that were embarrassing than I agreed to the break up. That caused her to contact me 3 more times 2 to start something and 1 checking up on me (there was a bad storm). She than left to another city but never saw me before she left. It’s been two weeks since than and I just seen two post talking bad about a ex (me). One was a joking picture another was a rant about me bashing her trying to get her back (she said beg lol) how I changed how she viewed things caused her stress and how happy she has been and how she isn’t pretending anymore. I love this crazy girl still sadly and have been focusing on me because I didn’t give her stability (no job not in college or service) which caused me to be to available and caused her to loose interest. What’s the best move? Continue no contact? Or light contact? by the way her b day in couple weeks to


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  • First for you. Get a job , get I'm someone's school or go in the service. She's no interested because you have nothing going for yourself. I'm sure you know that and I'm sure you know that you're a great guy. I say personally , continue with light contact. But don't focus to much on her. Let her see that you're improving yourself by social media. You mentioned something about the navy are you not going?

    • I got injured and I have to heal. I got a little depressed when I had to come home. I understand me not working is bad and I need to self improve myself. Light contact?

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    • So he not crazy lol he said this shows how much she cares and if she didn't I would've never got it. Now he saying time will bring her back its just the fact she immature and needs this time because even if she come back it'll happen again. I just wanna know do you think this good advice? He says most woman that love you say they hate you when they very upset than you give them a cool off period and it's good. I took the words literal but he says you still don't know woman and you have to learn lol. Help me out why send a hate you essay blaming me and saying what she said?

    • No I agree thsat you should focus on you and move on!!! Yes she still cares but it's quite clear the feelings she has are not there anymore. No offense maybe you're living in this unrealistic of a bubble that think that this ok and she'll come back later on in life. She MAY come back but NEVER like how it used to be. Move on

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  • Tell her that you've 'heard' she's been bad mouthing you on Facebook and that you think it's childish and don't have time for her bs. Then totally give her the cold shoulder. She'll respect your stance and that you had the guts to call her out and not tolerate her immaturity. That in itself will show her that you're not only growing as a person but exceeding her now. That should regain her interest, BUT ONLY IF YOU STICK WITH IT. As far as her birthday, if you're not together then you shouldn't contact her about it. B-days are for families and currents. If an ex contacts you it's obvious they are still hanging on and not in a good way

    • I think she did it so I could react honestly and childish that's why I ignored it lol. I agree I should mention and show her I'm self improving. That takes a lot of time however. I just mentioned b day because no one ever did anything for her and last year I was in service so I missed it.

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  • To Answer Your Question I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, The Best Way To Get Somebody Back Is Communication, If The Other Person Is Ignoring You Then You can't Do Anything But Move On & Continue Your Life...

    • I agree with that but this is normally her (woman) when she mad. Me trying to force the issue won't help

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