Ex boyfriend wants to know what I do when I go out?

I'm still friends with my ex of one year, we live in different states and we don't see each other but we talk from time to time. He told me that wants to know what I do when I go out and when I get home because he doesn't trust my city.
I don't know how to react to his request?

i would tell him but I already know he will make a scene or something and we are not even together anymore. I don't want any drama with him.


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  • 3 things are possible:

    1) He wants to know something. Maybe there is a possibility to get back with you. Or something strange.

    2) the more likely one. He's a controlling creep and you should stay clear.

    3) he cares and wants you too be safe.


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  • an ex is an ex for a reason. feel it out see where it goes


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  • It's not his business. Sounds controlling to me

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