My ex after 2 weeks, keeps blocking and unblocking me, messaging me, and pestering me on fb?

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I broke up with my *first* girlfriend, of only 4 months. But in the end I lost a lot of trust in her, for good reason. Even though she was dead clingy and crazy about me, she ended up becoming very shady and inconsistent, which was worse when uni finished and she had to go back to her hometown for like 3 months and we could only talk over fb, as her phone was broken and she was looking after her grandparents.

After 2-3 weeks after a lot of blocking and unblocking by each other on Facebook, just as I was getting over her, she unblocks me, pokes me on Facebook, send me a friend request and I ignore and deny it, and she blocks me again after I deny it, then she unblocks me again a week later and does the same things, but I just ignore them, didn’t even deny. The she messaged me saying ‘hiya :)’, the next day she sends me a message saying ‘hello? :(‘, 2 days later she send me a message saying ‘hello Chris’, and so on, this went on for 5 days, her just saying hello each time, on and off. And then she says ‘Gorgeous profile pic, and beautiful cover photo by the way :) all I was gonna say.’, and then she said right after ‘omg not even a reply!’, and then stupidly (I know I should have just ignored her..) I say ‘Reply. there. Happy?’, and I deny her friend request again. After that she blocks me again, the next day. This was a day ago now. I’m obviously not over her, because I wouldn’t be analysing it, but I just want to know what’s up with her. Given the suspicions I had about her when it came to other guys and things I noticed, I think she’s been sleeping around (which was why I blocked her, because the trust was gone).. but why is she messaging me, and blocking me and unblocking me, over and over? Is it nostalgia, is it an ego boost?

And I’ve now blocked her after she blocked me so when she unblocks me she won’t be able to get through.
She was a really nice, sensitive, kind, introvert kinda girl. But towards the end I learnt a lot of cheap immoral things about her, lost a lot of trust in her. She has lots of guy friends. And I lost a lot of trust in her, but wanted to trust her.


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  • wow um to many games on her part she's playing she can just flat out just tell u how she feels i think u would want the honest truth from her then playing back and fourth games trying to figure out what she wants when she can flat out tell u i don't think she wants to loose u and even thow she has a lot of guy friends so what obviously you were way important to her then u think for her to be acting out like this weather its immature or not people will do crazy things just to be with the one person that makes them happy i wouldn't assume things if you can't trust her tell her why you should at least hear her side of view people do make mistakes but if its her third time doing this then i would just end it but you telling her why your done or explaining why your mad might be what she needs to move on or change to become a better person but just don't shut her out completely because not all girls are gonna be as caring as she is i mean she does have some good qualities like she shows that she cares about u a lot and some people don't do that anymore


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