Mission: get my ex back. Need hurls advice to complete it?

I heard that my ex is talking to another guy after 3 weeks of leaving me but Ik she likes him. I really believe it's a rebound because we were together 2 years and We never faught and all she told me when she broke up with me was she needed space. Now I don’t think she had any intentions of being with me now but I want to change that. I believe that there are still some kind if feelings because if her behavior the least few days ( ex. Going out if the way to try and talk to me, sitting by me in class).
How do I go about this?

She also wants to talk to me next week for "closure". How do I act and someone told me that's a sign she still cares. Is that possible?
And someone told me she might just be looking to explore because were both young (20) but still wants to keep ties with me. Is that a possibility? Opinions please?


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  • ooooh i love this kind of situations, ok from a girl perspective, she still have some feelings for you thats for sure but! you need to work a little bit to get her back while its possible, first! change, be happy, even if you maynot be while she's around but you have to act it, be totally cool with the fact that u broke up, don't let her see that its getting into you or that you want her back, DON'T initiate contact, let her do that and be normal when she talks to you, that kind of behavior drives girls insane no matter how strong they are, u need to show her signs that your moving on, even have a date for a change! and you'll see how she'll change her mind and practically do all the work for you!

    • That's what I've been doing and I just don't want to lose her completly. I've been in different towards her and she's been comming to me but this other guy is what's been driving me nuts

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    • haha don't think too much about him, he's no threat as long as you're there, oh you'd be surprised about the weird choices girls make when they break up!

    • I believed that until she ran home to go see him. I found that very odd

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  • My advice is... don't. Move on.

  • This is a tough one. If your emotions are still raw from her leaving you be careful. Bouncing back into a relationship may not be healthy. Talk to her and hear what she has to say but don't rush back. If she did that once she may do it again.

    • That's my fear and I really do love the girl and I really thought she loved me. Now another question do you think she is fully over me or is trying to convince herself she is. We dated almost 2 years? And do you think this kid is a rebound guy or not?

    • I hate to think it is possible that she dumped you to be with someone else. You may need to find out and see how the talk goes first. It is possible she realizes she made a huge mistake and let a good thing go. Listen to what she has to say and then ask her point blank about it. She is the only one that can give you the answer. Then you can determine if you want to move forward with her or move on.

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