Married People: How many breakups/divorces have you experienced in your life so far?

Was the person you married your first love, or did you have to go through like 10 breakups to find them?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I had one girlfriend back in high school, but it didn't last very long. I also had some "internet girlfriends" when I was very young, but I think those would hardly qualify. I'm thankful that I only went through one break-up before I found the lady who would end up becoming my wife :)

    • You can have an internet girlfriend? How? How do you get an internet girlfriend? Just wondering...

    • Internet girlfriends aren't always the most fulfilling of relationships. The ones I entered were generally the girl asking me to be her internet boyfriend, and thus we were an "item," but really, in name only. Like a lot of internet people you meet, they quickly faded away. They hardly qualified as relationships. I wonder if maybe those were just a fad back in the late 90's days of AOL.

      Anyhow, there's no specific way you "get" a girlfriend, like picking up bread and milk at the store. Just be friends with a girl, talk with her, and see if either of you end up developing romantic feelings, even minorly. I should strongly caution you to NOT immediately think of the girl as "relationship material," because that is jumping the gun. You should be in a relationship with someone you can comfortably hang out with, either in or out the context of a romantic relationship.

      I hope that's helped :)

    • Yeah, I was kind of making that mistake. Actually, having a crush is kind of making that mistake because you make them out to be this great person when you don't know them. Having a crush is different then just thinking a girl is cute, I have noticed. When you think a girl is cute and are willing to date her, you don't get those nervous feelings like you do with your crush.

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  • 1st marriage, 10 years, ended in divorce
    2nd marriage, 3 year, ended in divorce
    3rd marriage, 24 years, ended in death.

    • Wow man, I am so sorry for your losses. That's awful. Are you back on the scene now or have you just given up?

    • Another aspect: in the first two marriages I was alcoholic.
      After sobering up, jobs and marriages lasted a lot longer. Imagine that.
      It's life --- Cat was 46 when she died. I was 70. It's not fair! I had children from the first marriage, ours were hers.
      I take it "One day at a time."
      I'm not depressed, and I get lonely. But things happen for a reason.
      One. Day. At. A. Time. :-)

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