Wanting to still hang out with my ex - am I not over him?

I broke up with my ex after 6 months. He is a great guy - the sex was great and we had such a good time together. I am not in a good place emotionally as my BF before him broke up with me after 4 years together and I was not over him. I broke up with my current ex because of that and also because I was unsure of how I really felt about him. Now I miss him and want to see him and hang out! I can't imagine him not being in my life. I know this sounds selfish but I am very confused. What are your thoughts?


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  • You need to be with someone and it doesn't have to be love.
    You worry too much about this need, your lack of control over it and wonder if love is real for all involved.

    You can either go back to the ex and let time tell you what's what if patient enough
    or go shopping again for a replacement, in hopes that he will be so fulfilling, he will overcome all doubts & worries from the past.
    I suggest the former "bird in hand" over the latter risks, trials, tribulations - as you've had enough of that until you heal.

    • Great advice, thank you. Problem is that I tried calling/ emailing him and he was responsive but when I told him I wanted to be friends (stupidly), he got mad and said he wanted to sever all contact, that he felt I was playing games with him. Maybe I am and I don't want to hurt him - probably best to let him go.

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    • Well I don't blame him really for being mad - it's hard to be friends when one person has feelings and the other is unsure. I was kind of wanting to have my cake and eat it too in a way...

    • Indeed but his mind is on lust, not love currently

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  • You need to be with who you want to be with. If you miss him, then tell him. I;m sure he feels the same way.

  • Message me I can give some insight as you did the same thing my ex did.


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