She broke up with me a week ago over the text/phone, being very angry and upset. But I want her back?

We have been dating for 5 months, for the last 2 months there were messy, and fights, I said very mean things to her. she was very angry at me last weekend, and she wanted to quit, we spoke over the phone, and text, but she didn't want to meet. for an hour she wwas tellign me what a jerk I am, and can't communicate, that we are different people, etc. I fingured when we became distant, when she returned from Europe, and had some bad days, and then I had some bad days and the miscommunication started there, and then there were fights etc. we met yesterday , and we again, over ten messages, finally agreed to meet, and misunderstood a bit and puzzled, I came to a wrong place and when we met I could feel her anger. there was no word, she just handled me my staff and we went the separate ways. I miss her, would like to make things work, but have no clue what to do next, I dont want to react on emotions and mess up again. I could wait for a few months, idk... after yesterday she removed me from friends. it seems that its really over...
also she said when she broke up with me that she started learning pole dancing as sports... sorry, i think I had batter focus on myself...


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  • okay , if you are sure she loved you for real , then dont panic it is normal if she deleted you , or even blocked you , we all have done this , and have done to us, but you know? feelings are way more stronger that thih ms , i have done this with my boyfriend a lot when we broke up , i removed him , and we didn't talk for a month , but then we just talked and messaged again very normally while he is still not on my friends list , so dear all you have to do is to really really leave her alone for at least a full month , buttttt dont try to make her jealous by anymean , just disappear , and then try to contact her again , by message only , but after you spy on her and make sure she is still single , and i guarantee for you , that she will be back to you if she really loved you , goodluck ;)

    • I said that I had a good experience, like its over between the two of us... I offered to contact her in a week to finish that talk, she said that its over, but I didn't give my thoughts on that, so...
      I got what you mean... Will do that... I tried dating others, talked to them.. I guess I need to take time for myself, seriously

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    • You were right :) I will try not to allow somebody to put me down again) She said that she is sorry, that she was emotional and didn't control herself, I said that I understand, we started chatting, I asked her to meet, but she said that she isn't ready for that yet. We are more eager to communicate freely now, with less and less tention...

    • great to hear that , yes taking it slow motion now is the right track for u guys , good luck ;)

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  • She's moved on and you seemed to realize that. So what's your question?

    • what puzzles me is that she wants to go slow, and i wonder sometimes on how she feels about me, and what is her agenda. She was in bad relationship last time, and doesn't want to get hurt. on the other hand i wonder if she only wants a one night stand, and nothing serious, or just being friends. I did ask her that a few months back, and she said that she wants to go slow. but with all these arguments and meeting once a month makes me puzzled...

  • I'd say call it quits, & find a new girl. I'm sure you'll have no trouble, there are plenty of women out there.


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