Space: employing no contact rule, or just not interested in me?

Let me start by saying that we are just friends and are not in a relationship. He's free to see other people, as am I. I just feel like, as a friend, he hasn't exactly been around, and I miss him. When I asked about it doing something one day, he said he just needed space. I've tried reaching out to him to see if he's okay, and apologizing for whatever it is I may have done, but he won't respond. I've left phone messages, texts, dropped by. I don't know what to do! It's been almost a month, and I know he's alive, I just don't know if he's okay. He won't talk to me anymore. If we're just friends, why would he do this to me?
Could he be hurt by something I said, or just cowardly?


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  • He's just being an asshole. No disrespect but he should've at least told you why. You've done all that you could've. Leave it at that. Goodluck


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