I feel like reaching out but I dont want to give him the benefit of the doubt. What do I do?

My EX and I wasn't getting along for the past week. Everything seemed to be goin down the drain. He said he didn't want to be with me so he moved all his belongings out but he kept his key. And whenever he felt like comin over to sleep at night, he would just pop up. It was starting to become a problem because he wouldn't even speak to me. It was like, he didn't want to be with me but he needed a place to go so he would use my house. I finally told him this wouldn't work out and I took my key back. Its been 2 days and I miss him dearly but I dont want to reach out because I dont want him to think im weak... What do I do? Do I just try my hardest to get over him and see if he reaches out?


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  • just give it time and let him reach out to you or just contact him and be like u left something over at my house just so u can see how he's doing but next time if you miss him and don't want to loose him or your still interested in him then i wouldn't get mad even if he pops over because either way its at least at your house and not someone else u gotta see stuff in a different perspective and either way if you want to see him do good for himself then struggling i would just let him stay you never know what might happen in the future


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