How can I stop thinking about, and obsessing, over him?

There's a guy I keep thinking about, but we don't talk anymore (it's been two years). We weren't in a serious relationship, we just dated on and off.

I seem to think about him every day or at least every other day.. he comes to my mind when I wake up, and when I go to sleep. Sometimes I have dreams about him, where him and I are happily in a relationship.

I know that this is pretty unhealthy, but I've kind of become addicted to thinking about him.

Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking about him that i feel an urge to contact him, but then I talk myself out of it because 1) I'm shy, 2) it's been years so it would be kind of weird 3) Even if he did still like me, I honestly don't know if we could even have a real relationship, because he's 9 years older than me, and we don't have a ton in common.


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  • Go to the source... Talk to him write what you want to say and click send. done catch up and the guy in your dreams might not be the same guy. 2 years isn't that long. I still think about girls I dated or hooked up with 3 years or more ago. I genuinely miss these people but they're in another part of the world.

    There might be an underlying reason you're still thinking about him and it's probably because you miss him or you want a man in your life. Fantasising about past or future is normal and ignoring your present is easy to do.

    Honestly don't let anyone sway your judgement of how you feel, what you should do, these are just ideas. The decision you make is entirely up to you. Don't overthink your actions too much


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  • you got to find someone new to think about to forget him.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Deep Down Your Still Holding Onto Him & You Need To Let Go, It Will Be Hard But Over Time You'll Feel Better...


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