How do I get over a break up if I'm completely alone?

My best friend has her girl friend and my guy friends are funny but they don't help much. I'm also off at college and they're an hour away. his pain is supper intense and basically smothers me every second of the day. We we're together 8 years. I saw his picture in my computer files today and I nearly crumbled. My school work is excellent and I'm working out everyday andI'm trying to do my music but it all comes back to him. Every single thing comes back to him and I'm tired of feeling this way. How do I get over it?


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  • Time is the only thing that cures a broken heart. It sucks but it's true

    • Thanks for mh. Trust me, I wish there was a thing that would help immediately. But time is the only thing that's gonna do it. Eventually your brain will get tired of thinking about him. You'll get tired of being sad.

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    • Lol same here. My ex broke my heart more than once but she says she wants me to give her another chance. I still have feelings for her but I'm afraid she'll go back to her old ways after a couple months

    • I'm sure ill end up cracking ( we were together 8 years) but I'm at least giving myself a year to find out what i want

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  • To Answer Your Question, Find A Hobby Or Just Occupy Your Mind With Anything You Like...


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  • Try keeping your mind off him. Distract yourself. That's all you can really do right now. It takes time, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

    • like literally everything is him. every thing in my dorm he either bought or was with me when i bought it. literally everything has something to do with him and I'm literally crumbling here and I don't know what to do

    • I know it seems bad now, but I promise you'll come out of this stronger.

    • Same situation here. Just try to keep mind busy, exercise is wonderful 4 that, meet new people to learn new things etc

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