!!! Why does my ex keep calling me!!!?

My ex of three years broke up with me about six months ago over a had a huge fight. We talked off and on over the break up. She told me about three weeks ago that she still loved me and still in love with me but wants to date a high school friend. So she called me yesterday day to say hi and to express her feelings about the break up and how she know how to express her feelings now and how she knows that played a role and our break up. She said again that she is in love with me? Is she playing games or is she in a rebound what does she want from me? She knows I still love her but she has a bf now?


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  • She has a boyfriend now? That is not right. She is obviously having some issues in her current relationship and using you to make herself feel better or something. Do no trust an ex, never. You broke things off for a resson so that is that.

    What you have to do is move on from her. This is shady what she is doing. Think about it. If she is with a guy but has feelings for another, chances are she'll do the same to you if you guys get back together. Just move on, show her you are moving forward. Do things for yourself hun, that make you feel good about yourself! Make friends! Talk to new people!


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  • Sounds like she does have some feelings but is confused, which means you need to step back a little.. you don't have to cut her out of your life but don't let her just think your a side thing thats going to welcome her back with open arms since she has a boyfriend.

  • Maybe she realized what she lost so she's calling to talk, it can't hurt to answer but if you answer you need to be strong

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