What should I do in this situation? Is there any way to fix it? Any way to get him back?

Me and this guy broke up yesterday, 3 days before my 16 birthday, and I've been beyond upset. Last weekend he went to the fair with this other girl and my siblings saw them holding hands. I confronted him and he said that it was a joke and only for like 5 seconds so I dropped it and they remained friends. We don't get a lot of alone time because of my parents and he left me because of that. I asked hi to wait until after I'm 16 because then I'd be able to drive to see him and I told him that it'd get better. And then he tells me He has feelings for this other girl but he says he doesn't have a crush on her but that she just fills the void. I have no idea what to do. I got upset and we broke up and I'm so upset I've thrown up multiple times. Is there any way I can get him back? Is there a possibility he would even want me back? Or am I just wasting my time? :( I miss him like crazy and I feel empty. Like someone cut a giant hole in my chest and ripped my heart out.
It also doesn't make sense because last weekend when I confronted him about the holding hands thing he got really upset. Like crying over the phone "Ohmygod I'm so sorry. If you want me to never talk to her again then I won't. Just say the word an I'll drop her" (and me being the type of person I am was like no. You two stay friends because I don't want to be that kind of girlfriend) and then yesterday he breaks up with me for the same girl!!
Someone please help me... I have to face him at school in a few days...
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  • Im sorry I know it hurts and ur probably thinking were wrong but he's obviously no good just let him go trust me I know its hard cause im kinda going threw somthing myself... But u can do it


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  • You just turned 16, its tough but you gotta realize this guy is 99.99999% chance not your husband.

    Don't give him this power over you, don't let him get you so upset. Breaking up is hard, no doubt about it. It hurts, especially knowing someone else is involved.

    But you gotta think about it, do you really miss him or the relationship itself?
    I mean, I'm sure you're pretty awesome. Do you want a guy that when he's with you he needs another girl just to "fill the void"? Doesn't sound like a winner to me.

    • Unfortunately I do really miss him.. I know it most likely wouldn't have lasted anyways. Highschool relationships rarely do. But he was supposed to be different, you know? I just feel like I did something wrong and that's why he left me. But I don't know what. I was the best I could be for him. I'm not too clingy or too distant. I'm not in his business. I'm okay with him doing whatever. I don't bitch at him. We never had fights. I always apologized even when something wasn't my fault even though i didn't have to. He never expected me to. I was the best and my only problem was not getting to see him often after school. And I couldn't even help that.. I'm A/B student. A junior. In beta club and honor society. I volunteer and I do choir and theater and I'm about to get a job. I'm pursuing a medical career. I try so hard.. And that wasn't good enough..

    • Again, if you're all that and a bag of potato chips, and the guy your with doesn't see that, then he is a crappy dude and you deserve better!
      Keep up your attitude of being the best version of you possible, and you'll get a quality guy who appreciates all that

    • Do you think I could've done anything to prevent this? because I won't lie. Before him I had severe trust issues and as you can imagine he has now made it worse and I just dont want to go through this again. So if I can prevent it next time that would be great

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