I broke up with my boyfriend for a bad reason?

We had some bumps in the relationship and instead of trying to be positive and work it out, we just got irritated and broke up with each other. Basically, we broke up (immaturely) prematurely because things weren't going so swell :(
i don't know what to do, i still have feelings for him, like being around him, get excited when i see him, ect. and he obviously doesn't think ill of me because he acts normal around me besides just avoiding direct contact and hasn't deleted me off media and his friends are okay with me.

i want to try to talk to him and work things out but im worried i ruined it for us. i don't think ill of him either, he is a great friend and i just hate the feeling of losing one of my best friends because we hit some rocks in our relationship.
how should I ask him if he feels the same way? i know things would be different if we got back together, but i really enjoyed it and i honestly feel like i made a mistake.


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  • Then tell him that. Tell him you made a mistake. And you believe that you're relationship is the type that's good enough to want to work through the problems because you love him. Just explain yourself, and try to work through what spilt you up in the first place. If he really cared for you he'll probably take you back, but you need to be completely open and honest and calm when talking to him in person.

    • Thank you! I'll do my best

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