I know my relationship wouldn't work?

i know my relatinoship with my bf (Ex) now was dying and wasn't going to work even if we tried, timing was not right for him, and nor for me our schedules clashed way too much.

i know it wasn't gonna work but why do i still miss him sometimes? its been 3months since our breakup.. some days im like fuck yeah single then other days i'm like shit i miss having someone there...

help? am i ever going to get over him?


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  • Yeah of course you'll get over him but it's gonna take time it's natural as a person to sometimes feel a want for some cuddling or a hug from someone special but don't worry cause you'll meet someone else soon enough who'll make you forget him:)

  • Maybe maybe not. He might be feeling the same way

    • but he broke up with me though

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    • he said that it was too hard juggling work uni friends and me at the same time. (well kinda true cause he worked night shifts i work day shifts and everytime we saw each other we'd be sleeping together cause we're both so tired) he's like if we continue to do that it won't feel like a relationship etc etc, i said fair enough i only want whats best for you. when he first mentioned it, he's like 'fuck it lets just see how we go' and then 2 days later he's like 'i dont think itl work, id rather see you hurt now than be hurt even more later on'. we were so close when we broke up, like kissing cuddling and he's like 'you sell yourself short of your intelligence'. i started crying then he's like 'now im crying, and i never cry over anything'. and yeah thats what happened. we went out for 6 motnhs

    • Awwwwwwww. What the hell. Continue to be there for him. But not in that cuddly way. He can have a little but if you not all !! Good luck !!

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