Is it possible for me to win her back?

Ok I will try and keep this short:
We´ve been together for 7 months. It has been the perfect relationship (Even though we live an hour apart for now) We were both soo much in love :)
But a month ago she stared going through some planned life changes.
- She got a new job
- She started a new school
- She joined a new sports team (She´s a serious athlete)

She is the type of girl who always commit 100% to what she does. She wants to get good grades at school, be the best employee at her work, and impress at her new sports team.

So... She told me she needed to "think about us" as she was unsure about her feelings. I was pretty sure all the stress in her life had push her feelings aside...
2 weeks passed by and now she dumped me.
It was a "good" breakup...
We layed in bed, talked nice to eachother.
She told me what I asumed all along. She couldn´t handle anymore, her head was stressed out. So much had been going on, she didn´t have time to herself. I could feel she really meant it.
I even tried to ask how she had felt doing the past 2 weeks (I was a mess these 2 weeks), and she replied: I haven´t had the time to feel anything yet.

Then she said:
I know this is hard for you, but I really really need for you to be my friend right now.
And then:
I know that you are the one for me. No doubt about that. But I just need to be myself right now.
I got up and left her house. She hugged me 3-4 times on my way out the door, and told me: Please keep in touch, but I understand if you need some time...

So where do I go from here.
I am very sure that we will end up together again, but how do I play it from here? I am thinking a No Contact for about a month? And then just shoot her some random text after that?

Is it completely hopeless for me?
Anyone else?
I really need to hear more from girls who has been through these periods of their life as well


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  • No it's not hopeless for you. Dude what she means is, she needs time to herself, she has all these things going on in her life with school and sports. I'm not saying let go of her, but be there for her when needed. Like if she's having a bad day, be there to listen to her and hear her out about her day and what happened ect; Not only give her time, but give yourself time to pick up the pieces or at least keep yourself occupied. While she's busy doing her, you need to do you. She wants you to keep in touch so that's pretty clear. (: message her in a week or two, see how things are going, catch up a bit y'know? I hope everything works out.

    • No doubt about that. She even told me directly "I just need to be myself right now"
      It just bothers me that there was no sign of emotions as she broke up. I guess it is natural considering her state righ now, but it still bothers me. What if she never gets sad about loosing me, and just moves on?
      I am really in doubt about how to play this from now.
      Would you think 30 days of no contact, and after that staring to make contact (As a friend) would be a good move?

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    • I had a very immportant interview at job yesterday. This has been underway for months. Me and my ex have benn talking about this for some time.
      When she broke up with me told her the interview was this Thuesday. She was very happy for me, and said "please text me on Thuesday when you know how it went"...
      Well... I "forgot" to text her hehe.
      So today she texted me:
      Her: Hi, you didn´t conact me yesterday, how did it go?
      Me: Oh sorry, I forgot :) It went fine (Insert short information about the interview here)
      Her: Oh that sound exciding. :)

      I didn´t reply after this.

      Did I play it well?
      Sounds like she is still thinking a little about me...

    • hmm.. that's good (: yeah she prob thinks about you in her free time, I suppose I wouldn't know since I'm not her, but from what I heard, you did play it well :)

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  • This sounds pretty hopeless. Girls don't dump if they're in love. And if they ask to be friends, that's mostly a code for "be my back up guy in case I can't get someone better", or "welcome to the friendzone".
    I'm sorry, but if a girl wants you, no amount of work will stop her from being your girlfried. She may give you less of her time, but "I didn't have time to feel anything."?
    I'm sorry that's the most bullshit line I've ever heard. She doesn't find you that attractive anymore. If she does end up with you it will be because of settling.

    I've seen this a thousand times and girls most often dump because the guy is too nice, maybe even sackless. He's simply passive and doesn't lead the relationship. They get bored, or frustrated with him.

    Don't be fooled by the sugarcoating, or the peaceful appearance of your break up.
    You just got dumped. You first need to face that before doing anything else.


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