Could your girl-bestfriend be dearer than your girlfriend?

I was with my boyfriend for 5 years. 2 years ago, he's got to know to this girl, whom she later became his best friend. I got so jealous.. I mean though im sure they're just friends, he loves her a fuckin lot!!! I couldn't stand the way they're so close to eachother... Then after arguing soo much he broke up with me because, as he says, he's sick of my insecurity and jealousy. Should I regret? Was I wrong? I love him a lot..


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  • Let me tell you what the meaning of " girl best friend" is. I just broke up wit my girlfriend of 5 years because things didn't work out. And I had a few girl best friends during these 5 years and my girlfriend was so jelause too but ill be honest wit you. If you think she's pretty and she's single 100% sure he has cheated on you already. If she is taken and pretty then he is waiting for the chance to do something with her at some point. If she is ugly and is single or taken then dont worry about it. But one thing I learned about my relationship is that the only best girl friend that a guy should have is his girlfriend and all the time he spends wit her he should be spending it on you. So right now he might have broken up because he started developing feelings for this girl best friend of his. So either get back wit him and let him cheat on you or twll him not to have a best girl friend or forget about him


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  • yes of course, lots of guys get girlfriends just because it's for sex

    • Ouch. So I was for sex!!! Hahaha damn !!

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