Ok I really need an answer to this before I drive myself mad, someone out there please give me your input this is driving me NUTS?

Long story short, my ex and I broke up about a month ago, he wanted to remain friends so I was "cool" about it, it came a point where I was hurt and couldn't help it and send him an email telling him my feelings i was shocked and he replied and told me he was hurt too, how he still wanted me in his life and hoped we hang out too and how he loved me, and how none of it was easy for him, ( the breakup) but then he tried to blame the breakup on me, so I didn't want to replied scared he was going to leave me with the words in my mouth, but I was told if I loved him to reply, so I did, and was nice and said what I had to say as to why I was the way I was towards the end and how I still loved him and cared for him and how
I wish we would even start as friends and see where it took us, but that I knew that wasn't going to happen, long story short as I expected he never replied... I can't get this out of my head, why wouldn't he reply? I feel stupid that I replied now,


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  • U got that out so that all that matters u should move on but if u guys both loved each other then let things take care of themselves

    • Meaning?

    • Meaning if he just so happens to make he's way into your life he means so much more

  • You called him out. It wasn't just you or him. Most likely even blame. Either both of you will work it out or one of you won't. Pit takes two committed parties to make it work. Only one to break it all to pieces.

    2nd chances are rare so if u guys get one don't mess it up. But, just move on. Don't let him put the blame on you. He needs to step up and be the man and own his half. Not put the blame on you. Be happy and focus on hhe future.


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