Guys, is there a chance he still thinks about me? I want my best friend back?

I had this "thing" with a guy, it wasn't a relationship but it could have been, we shared an amazing connection, became very close friends, also spend the night together.
He had a romantic interest in me, but he had a girlfriend so we had to break all contact because we felt that being "just friends" wouldn't work. He even said: "If things were different, it could have worked between us" (isn't that a weird thing to say when you have a GF?).

It's been months since we broke off all contact, and I miss him. He seems to have just moved on with his life and girlfriend, I don't want him in any romantic way. I just really miss our friendship, and I wonder if there is a chance he misses it too. It's very rare to find someone who you have such a connection with in this life. It's hard to believe he just cut me out his life without thinking twice about it.


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  • Depending how many months it's been he probably missed you a lot during the first few weeks and couple months. But now he is focusing more energy on his gf and obviously that is the right thing to do and they are probably happier together. While you don't want him that way anymore and he probably doesn't either, those feeling could always return and things could get awkward again. It's probably best to let sleeping dogs lie and find a new guy bestie.

    • Thank you, if that's what's best for him, than I just have to deal with that and try to move on from what happened.

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  • "It's hard to believe he just cut me out his life without thinking twice about it. "

    Believe it. It can totally happen.


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