Help!! Is there any way my ex and I can reconcile in the future? I've never been so distraught over one guy!

My ex broke up with me two months ago because he found out (I told him) that in our first month of dating I still had contact with my ex before him. No sex or feelings he just kept showing up where I was and I tried to wean him off slowly. Plus we had introduced our children and it was hard for them too. I tried to explain the situation to my recent ex that first month but he refused to listen saying we weren't together and it didn't matter what was going on. He agreed to keep seeing me. However he was weary with me and we broke up multiple times over small things but always found our way back to one another. Until 2 months ago when he found out I was in contact with my ex before him for the first month. He said he can NVR trust me and won't talk to me at all he says he has nothing to say. I know he really cared. I was his first gf in along time and it would have been so easy for him to walk away but he kept saying things like he was crazy about me and if there's any chance it could work he don't wanna pass it up. But now I get nothing and feel like we can work it out if he'd just budge a little bit. He deleted me from fb And refuses to respond to me. Is there any chance for us on the future after all the drama delutes away? Is he mad at me still. He said he don't even wanna be friends but thinks the best of me. We dated for 7 months so I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this!


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  • he is overly jealous and you should leave him , but if you want him back then you will have to bow down and tell him how wrong you were and how ashamed you feel etc, its really not worth it in the long run because he probably will never trust you anyways

    • I did tell him I was sorry and that I understand where he was coming from. I mean he knew the situation from the beginning and agreed to keep seeing me but he didn't know I had seen my ex the first month we dated.. and in my defense u don't exactly air out ur dirty laundry when u first date someone. He's pretty set on not talking to me right now but just wondering if he ever will. Every single ex I have had has came back saying how amazing I am and they made a mistake. I don't know why this bothers me so much. I know its just one guy and there's a million more but we def had real chemistry and don't feel like it was given the chance to be what it could have been.

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    • Give me your mother and let's see if you feel over jealous

    • David... What does that mean lol

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  • Just apologize and let him know you truly care about him.

    • I did. I told him I was sorry and that I understood where he was coming from that I still care and miss the good things we did and how he changed my perspective on a lot of things and unhealthy habits. He said he didn't have anything to say. That was 3 weeks ago. So I don't know if he's still mad or really just DC anymore. I also work right by his house and my son goes to the same school as his daughter so were bound to see each other and I don't know how to react when it happens.

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    • Thanks for that I feel like I'm losing my mind and I know its such a small problem to have lol.. In 2 months he has not tried to make contact at all. Safe to say he's over it?

    • Most likely yeah. But don't beat yourself up over it it's his lose you seem like a really sweet person so you'll find someone else

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  • Move on.

    Trust is like a glass. Once is it broken, it can be put back together, but the cracks are always visible and they will always be there.

    Start fresh with someone new.

    • I have been trying. I've been in long relationships and this one was short lived I know but there was just something about him and us that I can't let go of. I feel deep down that its not completely over although I know right now it is. Plus I have NVR been one to care about an ex like this. Its driving me crazy!

    • I've also dated and have had quite a few requests, but IDC to be with anyone. I know I must sound crazy and needy lol but like I said I've NVR experienced this before nor been rejected so whole heartedly

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