Does my ex think of me as a friend or still has romantic feelings for me still?

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago. He first said he wanted a break, and a week later told me he met a girl, and that he could no longer be with me.

I really didn't know what to do because this was my first serious relationship lasting over a year, so I basically was ridiculous saying I loved him and maybe we could just be friends. Anything to hold onto him.

After that I knew I was emotionally out of control, so I stopped communicating with him. He left for a holiday right after. Then he texted me that he was back, then he messaged me the next week saying how I was doing at work, since I started working at a new place before the breakup... I just said, it's great.

Then I don't know why, last night I sent him a link to learning a language. Since he will be studying abroad soon. I really wasn't expecting a response or anything. Maybe something like 'thanks'. Because at this point, we've been broken up and haven't talked, and I got over my emotions.

But when I opened my email today, he had sent me an email on how he was doing and about his life abroad ( I didn't know he had left to study already) and on top of that he sent me a photo of himself, saying at the end, 'I hope you are well, it's been a while since we talked'...

After reading this I started to freak out and I'm not sure to take it as just him being friendly or still having feelings for me.
I'm not sure if he's still going out with this girl he met or still in touch with her since he is abroad. But I'm just confused now on how he feels about me, and my emotions may be coming back as well.
I know he is stubborn, so he probably doesn't want to talk about the break up. How should I deal with this?


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  • Dont do anything ractional just be cool dont ask him if its anything just take it as him being friendly work your way into talking about the relationship


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