My ex won't talk to me?

My ex broke up with 2 months ago. I was working away for 4 months and he said he couldn't cope with the distance. He'd also been hanging around with another chick and had been on dates with her, and since we broke up he said he thinks she's an awesome girl. I've kinda figured out that this is probably more likely the reason he ended it. Although he said it was always going to be difficult because he's American and I'm English, and I work away for a few months of the year. He won't even talk to me now, and during the relationship we were so in love, and he constantly told me he wanted to marry me. I now barely get a response to any texts or calls if any at all and feel I should go No Contact. I'm worried if I go no contact he will forget about me completely and move onto this new girl. He was the love of my life and has left me beyond heartbroken. I don't know what to do for the best!


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  • " I'm worried if I go no contact he will forget about me completely and move onto this new girl".

    He already has. Now it's your turn to move on.


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  • *sighs* I'm so sorry, girl : ( This is a really tough situation.
    I hate to break it to you, but at this point; you are going to have to walk away with your head held high. He already took away your future together, don't let him take away your pride too.

    This guy clearly lacked loyalty. It's not like you cheated on him, screwed him over, backstabbed him, stole something from him, or did anything blameworthy. He basically severed a bond because he lacked the self-discipline and willingness to actually be a loyal, patient partner. Knowing this, you should feel sorry for the next girl he's with because he clearly doesn't have what it takes to be a topnotch boyfriend. Don't be jealous of what they may or may not build. Once someone does something like this, their value decreases IF you are wise enough. He couldn't have your back and not give up on you over something minor like temporary distance? Wtf would he do if you were diagnosed with CANCER? What would he do if you got in some awful car accident and had your leg amputated? Is that the type of man you really want to commit your mental space to? A coward and a quitter? There are better men; more reliable men who will not just give in and give up on you over something that has a simple solution.

    So here's what you do... you let the grieving process take it's course then you get right back to life and redirect your time, thoughts, and energy on things you are passionate that are GOOD FOR YOU IN THE LONG RUN *unlike your dumb f*ck of an idiot ex* The beauty of life can truly be an instant remedy. You're abroad! Go sightseeing!! :D Go witness history that managed to survive centuries after it was created. Go on an adventure! Understand that the sting is only temporary and what life has to offer is much more valuable than what your sh*tty ex gave you.


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  • That no contact is a bunch of bull shit !!! TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL !! Pride doesn't matter to you if you really care about him and love him. Yet please have you dignity !! If you tell him how you feel , Not via text... Via voicemail ( more genuine ) ... He will take the time to hear it !! Then he has two choices 1. To respond or 2. Not to respond. Simple as that. Yet you have to be patient... Give him days... Yessss freaking DAYS !! If he responds back with the news you want to hear.. FANTASTIC !! If he doesn't or doesn't respond at all... HIS FREAKING LOST !! Once it was said and done you tried... Don't beat yourself because you tried

    Much love and Good luck !!!

    • I really don't think you should tell him how you feel : / it may make you look desperate at this point if he's seeing someone else and he's already made it clear that he wants to ignore you. Telling him how you feel and him possibly not responding is just gonna sting even more. It's probably better if you accept his foolishness, griminess, and shadiness then move forward

    • No. @waterchick You have nothing else to lose. If it's on your mind tell him. I'm not saying KEEP telling him. This is your LAST time ! Either way it's gonna hurt. But would you be content with trying or not trying at all?

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