My ex just keeps talking about me too everyone all his friends and family?

I over heard my ex telling a couple people that he loves me and still wants too be with me and I will always be his baby mama even though I had an miscarriage almost two years ago that he miss me and he was texting some girl and she was trying to be funny and he got really mad and went off on her should I get back with him? He cheated also that's why we broke up and the girl he was texting is one of them he cheated on me with but he tells everybody he don't like her he only used her for sex cause she looks easy I heard him tell people that and he talks bad too her really bad I heard him go off one time about me too her. So what should I do? He's a big baby too he cried a lot around me but wouldn't tell me why he was crying and just wanted a hug and he tried too kiss me. What do you all think?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, No Matter How Much Pleading, Crying & Defending He Does, At The End Of The Day He Is A Cheater, iStrongly Suggest Leaving Him Alone Cause Who Says He Won't Find Another Easy Girl & Mess With Her...

    • That's what I told him

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  • He obviously still wants ye back... let him be since he cheated the old baw bag.

    • You think? Or he could just be talking

    • Nae mate... I did this wid ma ex 8 month ago... he still lavs ye... dont do what jesus wouldn't do.

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