How should I respond to what my ex is doing?

Sometimes my ex who I split from over 2 years ago drives past me with or without a woman in the passenger seat. He gives me the most condescending smirk that really depresses me afterwards because he has gotten away with treating me terribly and there's no justice in the world! I tend to look at him, through him and then away from him. How should I respond to this?


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  • Can I just say... ASSHOLE and the only reason that he's trying to be a jerk and make you feel bad is because deep down he knows your wayyy too good for him? don't let somebody this low hurt you cause girl you are soooo much better than that. The next time he drives by you with or without a girl you hold your head high and smile and wave straight at him. This will get to him sooooooo much. Your showing him that he has no effect on you and that your way past him... And that's exactly what he deserves so good luck to you and the next time u see him I hope u take my advice cause I promise that it works

    • Thanks, I will give it a go! I will make sure I look top notch when I do too because this approach ain't working. I can't believe he is still at it after such a long time. The reason I have not done this already is because when we split I had to go to a domestic violence centre and the police were involved so I thought it best to just ignore him and pay him no attention but it's hard when he pulls up right beside me and stares at me. I think she noticed today because I said to my son is that Len loudly and she looked annoyed,

    • Your very welcome :):):) you let him know he dosent faze u and you couldn't give a fiddlers what he thinks

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