I broke up with him because I thought it was for the best... But my heart is broken?

I dumped my boyfriend of several months a few days ago. I'd never told him but in a lot of ways I loved him. i did things with him I regret and things I don't. For a while we were so great.

He stopped smoking and cut down his weed habit and his drinking and partying except occasionally with friends.

I was there for him over family issues and I truly wanted to be there for him.

After a while we stopped seeing a lot of each other cause he decide to do homeschooling and I am busy with school and stuff. The less I saw him cause of canceled plans or sudden things popping up the more I resented him. I'd cancel or not make plans to spite him even though I'd regret it and it hurt me.

I'd talked about wanting to dump him to friends but I wasn't serious even though they think I was but deep down I loved him.

The other day I brought up wanting to take a break or just go our separate ways. He wanted to work it out and it made me happy so we made plans to meet the next day. The day came and he didn't show because he was hung over from partying. I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut. I was furious so I told him to leave me alone and not text for a while.

I spent all day thinking and them finally txted him and told him I wanted to break up.
I told him I couldn't date half a man. I only knew him when he was sober but I didn't know him any other way. he's never been mean or cruel he's always been great but I couldn't do it. I couldn't stand to wander where he was or what he was doing. I couldn't worry something would go wrong. I just couldn't.

He said ok and that was that. The end

But I cried myself to sleep. I can't tell anyone cause all my friends wanted me to dump him. My parents will be mad at me for being upset over a guy. I've put on a brave face for days but I feel sick. When I'm alone I cry and I miss him.

What do I do?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Cut All Contact, Allow Your Feelings To Settle By Occupying Your Mind, It Will Be Tough At First But Stay With It & Over Time You Will Feel Better, Trust Me...


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  • For the love of god, he's not the only man alive. I get that you love him but he pulled a "no-show" stunt on you and chose partying OVER you. You said he wanted to work it out so he cares for you but you are not a priority to him, tbt you dont mean much to him. If i was in your place i wouldve done the same thing :)


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  • I can relate because I broke up with my ex for taking me for granted. I think you should try to keep busy, so you won't think about him too much. Don't contact him. If he tries to contact you wanting to work things out, make sure he's serious this time before trusting him again. That's if you want to give him another chance.


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