Did I screw myself really bad?

So about 7 weeks ago my ex broke up with me and I'm finding out a few reasons why. Now I plan to talk to her I just want to get an idea of if I screwed myself or not.

Now I have personally been going through a lot and I guess you can say I leaned in my ex. I just needed emotional support. My dad is sick with a debilitating disease and hasn't been doing good since February, my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, my parents are having financial problems, I'm having kidney/bladder problems etc..

Now I asked for her to be there and might have came across as needy and weak and I think she lost attraction. I just didn't want to lose her and that was my biggest fear. She also might have felt I was holding her back because I was "needy". But I was never like this and really just needed support. Everything I did before we broke up was all unintentional (btw we dated almost 2 years)

Now that were back at school she approached me and wanted to talk. The only bad thing I ever did intentionally to hurt her was last week bring a girl home from a bar infribt of her. I know I was an asshole.

Is this unfixable?
How do I get her back?
Do you think she will come back?
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Someone? Please
How do I get her back and let her know without looking needy/desperate and let her know she was wrong for leaving me when I needed her. The first 6 months of out relationship she had tonsil problems and I spent multiple hours in the hospital and


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  • I would say the only way you can get back with her is to cut off complete contact with her if she asked for closure then do what she wants and she will question as to why you are listening to her when u have been so persistent in getting her back and all of sudden stopped! So do that she will def come back to you and don't tell her about ur problems she will think of you as a weak person and it's a turn off I know ur going through a lot but trust me you have to be able to handle tough times like this all by yourself and she will see through it.. So for now completely cut off contact and don't bring people over or anything just give her closure and space trust me she will be back sooner than you think

    • Won't that eventually make her loose hope and push her away? I feel like I'm crossing a fine line

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    • Like be nice and friends like don't go crazy with ur replies so if she asks for closure be like hey I completely understand it's cool let's have a closure ok.. Like keep it very chill don't get hyper.. So she's gonna say ok look things happened but let's on a good note and she might offer friendship be like ok cool like don't reply much and seem very disinterested but at the same time show that u care.. So like u actually coming for closure shows u care still and acting like u don't care this is gonna drive her nuts she will be thinking wtf he is showing that he cares at the same time he doesn't wtf is going on.. Am I making a mistake by leaving him.. Is he getting over me already. She will start feeling insecure about it.. Lol be cool relaxed and happy about it like side with her on things trust me will drive her nuts! Can u now reply to my question please chk ur inbox !

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  • my ex broke up with me a couple weeks ago. i feel ya man. shit threw me off gurad, fucked up my life for a couple days there bc i was wrecked from it. the realization that life goes on, and stayin positive is key here. you got this though. you should first ask why do u want to get back with her? make a list of pros/cons... if you realize u do in fact want her back after that, then you need to go about this like a ninja. thats a big plus she came up and talked to u man. just play it cool. dont come off as needy. in fact, thats fucking bullshit of your ex to assume your weak/needy from all the shit your goin thru. u deserve better than that man, u know that old cliche there's plenty of fish in the sea? well its true.
    if your still considerin gettin back with her, then you need to slowly..;key word here... talk to her again, and show her the new and improved you. dont come off as needy, show her ur the same dude she got with way back when when y'all first started datin.
    i got nothin but good vibes for you and your family man, i wish y'all the best, seriously. lifes a bitch sometimes, but i know y'all will conquer through and succeed in the long run. good luck man.~

    • The problem is she only knew half a story because I didn't want her to worry about me... And she talked to me to "get closure" does that mean it's over?

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  • I don't know if you have a good chance.. Unless she is stupid.. no offense.. You brought home another girl and if your girlfriend is a smart independent women she will move on and start new with some one else. Now, I'm not saying you should get discouraged by that because not all women seem to be smart in situations such as these. I know I rarely am. If you do manage to win her back, you better treat her like a queen. Good luck.

    • I treated her like mangos the 2 years we were dating. Anything she wanted she got and I jumped through hoops for her... She is annex who broke my heart. I wasn't the bad guy here

    • Well from what you said I would say she left you because she was tired of taking care of you.. Sometimes girls might have a hard time not receiving all of your attention because that's what they want.. to be treated like a princess.

  • It's been 7 weeks. Just move on with your life

  • She shouldn't look at you as needy for asking for support. She should want to be there for you. Since she approached you, she probably forgave you for whatever you did. Now, it's time to sincerely apologize if you haven't already. Good luck.

    • I didn't really ask because I didn't think I had to I thought it was understood

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    • Oh I see. So she was basically taking you for granted? Has she apologized?

    • Basically I feel taken for granted but what am I going to do

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, If You Want To Get Back With Her iSuggest Telling Her How You Feel & Maybe Explaining Why You Did What You Did. Communication Is Key, If She Is Cold Then Back Off & Walk Away, If She Is Responsive Then Take It Slow...


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