Is it bad if someone was separated for years but divorce only final a few months ago?

Let's say someone had been separated fully from spouse for two years (not living together not in contact) and the divorce proceedings had been in effect over a year and finalized two months ago. The person has take a break from relationships for over a year after the separation and after divorce final started dating again.

The person says divorce just took a long time to go through but we've been split up for years and now that it's final I want to find a new relationship maybe even someone to start a family with as I've been out of a relationship for a long time, had time to heal and now that the divorce is finally done I'm ready again.

Is the person someone you would date?


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  • What's your perception of bad in this?

    I've been separated since over 6 years but the divorce is not yet through. I have my reasons for not pushing for it. But yes apart from my daughter I have no contact with her mother.

    Everyone has their way of dealing with situations. I'd like to know what is the question here :-)

    • Why is it not final after 6 years. Seems way to long to me.

    • @MikeKnight Long story but the result of this divorce won't be worth the outcome - I know it will reflect on my daughter and badly. You really don't want to know how lol can scare the shit out of anyone who believes or they'd think I'm a nut job lol

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