Why is my ex boyfriend trying to make me jealous when he doesn't want me?

My ex is constantly trying to throw girls in my face, and it's so annoying. He told me about how he cuddled with this girl "for like 7 hours" (they had broken up before he told me this, though) and then he was going on about how he was texting some new girl. And he was being jokey/rude and was like "I can get girls" and then he tells me "Katie went to sleep so I have nothing better to do than harass you." Like WTF. Why is he doing this? He obviously doesn't want me anymore so I don't know why he's doing this. It's driving me insane. There's more of what he said, too.


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  • The male ego has ben damaged. He's trying to prove to you and himself he's still the man. Really a sign of insecurity. Block him. Get a new number. Move on...

    Be glad ur rid of the bottom feeder.


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  • he does it to get on your nerves. Just talk about the hot guy you are dating.


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  • He is being immature, ignore him. Don't even keep up the conversation with him. He is obviously not relationship material it being just friends or boyfriend material.

    Don't bring on anything negative back into your life hun <3

  • He may be regretting breaking up with you, and thinks making you jealous will get you back.
    If its bothering you ignore and avoid him.


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