I pushed and pushed until he couldn't take it?

My ex and I had known each other socially for many years and 5 years ago even shared a kiss. At the beginning of the year we became very close friends until our friendship blossomed into love. I later found out that he always wanted something to happen with us but the timing was never right. We were the perfect couple and for him at 31 it was the first time he had truly fallen in love. His friends couldn't believe the change in me and they all knew, him swell that i was the one.
We had a lot of meddling in our relationship from outsiders who didn't want us to be together for various reasons, this eventually started to frustrate me and I in return would take my anger out on me. The day before we broke up he told me how much he loved me and how much he cared for me but he wanted the easy drama free relationship that we had started with. The next day we were out and had too much to drink and a comment was made which then caused me to get angry. He tried to calm me but the more I drank the angrier I got until i broke him. In the 3weeks we haven't been together I have realised what a punish I was. This man treated me like a princess and I in return broke him down to the point of him leaving me. Is there anyway I can fix this. I know he loves me and I know I am the one for him but he is convinced that we are better off as friends because the drama broke him. I don't believe this to be the case after how he reacted after seeing me out on the weekend. How am I meant to show a guy things will be different? does not contact actually work?


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  • Sadly this happens so many to nice guys. You made a mistake so many women make, treating a nice guy like a jerk and realizing it after it's too late.

    Honestly the only thing you can do is apologize and see what happens. You may not be able to repair anything.


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