Can you still have feeling for an ex boyfriend after years apart?

I split up from my boyfriend three years ago due to him not pulling his weight and got tired of his crap we have a child together. To be honest I was not that bothered when we split up as I had a great deal going on in my life. Since we parted I have never had another relationship not because I do not want to I just have no time although recently I have been feeling very lonely. My ex is seeing someone else and they also have a child together however since we parted he is always telling me that he is still in love with me and seems unhappy in his relationship but I have just been ignoring him. I feel the relationship he is in is a rebound one and that he wants to leave but due to the child won't. Recently we have started to have sex although I have now told him it can never happen again but he just won't leave me alone now. I am confused with these feeling as I thought I was over him but it seems I was wrong. The funny thing is I really don't think if he wanted to come back I would want him since my life is very different now but at times I feel that I do want him back. I know he will hold me back. Can anyone make an suggestion on what I can do and what these feelings are. Confused.
Thanks bubbles3215 I am trying but finding it very difficult to stay away since he suggests that he is still in love with me but I don't know how that is possible. I also believe that he started seeing this girl when he was still with me.


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  • Awh :( Tough situation. After breaking up with my boyfriend a year ago, I still think of him. I don't know why. But in your case, I think you just miss having a boyfriend. Since your ex and his gf has a child, I don't think you should get in between that...

    • Thanks bubbles3215 I am trying but finding it very difficult since he keeps telling me that he is still in love me. I will try my best as I really don't want to break up another family. I feel really sorry for his girlfriend as he has created on her and I feel that I will not be the only one. I also believe that he starting seeing this girl when he was with me.

    • Yeah. You shouldn't go for him.. he's with someone else now. You shouldn't be that "third" person in someone else's relationship. So yeah since you think that he was seeing another girl while you guys were dating, it means that he might be playing you now or if he wasn't then it's his fault for not thinking clearly before having a child with a girl he doesn't even love. It takes a while to "have" a child so one year is enough for him to think.

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