Why can't I just let him go... why am I doing this to myself?

Recently, my boyfriend seemed to be really busy and he often hang out with his bros and his guy friends more than before. Sometimes i called him and i could hear his friend's voices at the back... but somehow i can't trust him for some reason. He's being ignoring my texts and ignored my calls. It'll take him forever to pick up and when he finally did, he says he's busy and will call me back later, and of course, he never did...

I've told him about this issues which makes me really uncomfortable as if i was not important to him, and he replies "what is your problem, i was just out with friend" and he says im over reacting.. am i? i just want to talk to him, why is he always ignoring me..

I can't believe things used to be so well before, we talked on the phone everyday and we went out many times, i really loved him.. but until these days, im feeling desperate and angry because he kept pushing me away..

what did i ever did wrong... am i really over reacting and making a fuss out of something small... I can't concentrate on my daily life because of him. I can't stop thinking about this... I knew it would be hard for me if i broke up with him cuz i really love him.. i dont know what to do..


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, You Aren't Overreacting, You Told Him How You Felt About It & He Still Hasn't Changed, The Best Thing For You Do Is Break-Up With Him. He Treats You Like This Because He Knows You Won't Leave Him & He Is Taking You For Granted. You Have To Prove Him Wrong, You'll Feel Better Over Time...

    • "He Treats You Like This Because He Knows You Won't Leave Him & He Is Taking You For Granted."

      I have to admit to this.. i think you're right. Thnx for telling me that...

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  • It sounds like you are obsessed with him and being very needy and clingy. It's driving him away.

  • Since how long are you in relationship with him.. Just curioius about it..

    • umm. it's almost 2 years now. He was not like this before, we used to call each other everyday and chat for hours. I feel like now he has his friends and forgotten me.. :(

    • Give it sometime, dont try to go behind him. He will feel something is wrong and that you are not giving the attention he used to get before. Some time give it back to them. Dont be desperate. He will come back and please dont try to be a detective and follow him every where and stop liking or commenting on his posts but you keep updating. Guys will come back

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